Allow Your Child’s Creativity to Flourish Through Expressive Art

Art is an incredible tool that children love, and it can empower them to explore their creativity while positively influencing their cognitive function and behavior. It serves as a safe haven where children can express themselves freely and process a range of emotions. While art is beneficial for all children, its impact is especially profound for those with special needs, such as autism, speech impairments, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and other developmental disabilities. Through painting and other forms of expressive art, special needs children discover a sense of normalcy, tranquility, and pure delight. Art becomes their gateway to a world where they can truly thrive.

Painting Your Soul™ takes children on an immersive multi-sensory journey of self-love, healing, and creativity that includes essential oils, journaling, meditation, and painting. Children can leave their day-to-day routine and go to a safe place to express themselves with no judgment or limitations.

Karen Hanlon, CLC, CPC, CATP founder of Painting Your Soul, is a Certified Art Therapy Practitioner and former educator certified in elementary education and gifted studies. Karen saw first-hand how painting and art could help calm and engage her students while building their self-confidence.

Karen offers both private and group Painting Your Soul™ workshops where children experience the power of painting, the creative outlet it provides for their feelings, and timeless memories of its impact. These workshops create a place where children get to be free creatively, work through the Painting Your Soul™ journey and create works of art that are true expressions of their inner thoughts and feelings.

For more information on Karen’s expressive art workshops or how she can work with your child, please email