About Painting Your Soul

Painting Your Soul is the creation of Karen Hanlon, CLC, CPC. A former educator certified in elementary education and gifted studies, Karen knew that art, specifically painting had a profound effect on her students, helping to calm, engage and build their self-esteem. Karen took this knowledge and applied it to a turbulent time in her life, which led to the creation of the Soul Care program. Karen found peace, healing, learning, and enjoyment at a time when none of that felt possible. Knowing many people deal with these same challenges in both their business and personal lives Karen took her knowledge and developed an impactful step-by-step experience to help people heal and connect with their inner selves through art, meditation, journaling, and more. Karen designed Soul Care for people without any artistic experience, with its benefits found in the therapeutic process, not the finished art.

Karen Hanlon, CLC, CPC

Karen is an Expressive Art Therapist. She works with clients at The Costello Center, using the Soul Care™ program to empower and help them become more confident and secure in all areas of their lives. A graduate of Florida Southern College, Karen is also active in a variety of community charities, she has been a fundraiser for UPARC, which supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; The Salvation Army’s Sallie House for abused and neglected children; The Morton Plant Mease family of hospitals; and Grandma’s House of Hope, providing shelter to economically and physically at-risk individuals.

When Karen was a resident of California, she worked extensively at Mariner’s Church in Newport Beach, hosting Soul Care workshops for their care and recovery groups. As an abstract artist herself, she was invited to work out of the Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, where she was spotlighted in Joli Magazine. Her experience as an educator and a facilitator of workshops all over the country has demonstrated the crucial role creative arts play in opening pathways to self-awareness and personal growth for individuals of all ages and stages of life.

Karen has a son and a daughter and resides in Belleair Beach, Florida.