Prepare to Grow and Embrace Your Creative Side

Soul Care™ is an immersive experience designed to help you relax, unleash your creative side or help you work through a challenging time in your life.

It will bring clarity, peace, and hope. This expressive art therapy kit will help you pave a path toward the future, and equip you with skills to recognize the beauty within you and life itself.

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you were designed to create. Soul Care™ will engage your senses, ignite your creativity and give you an opportunity to release what cannot be put into words.

Learn more about the Soul Care process in the video below.

A Storm Turned to Beauty and Joy

Developed by Karen Hanlon, CLC, CPC, CATP Painting Your Soul, and the Soul Care program came from a challenging transition in Karen’s life. As an artist and a teacher, Karen knew she needed a constructive outlet to express herself. Turning to art, meditation, journaling, and the ocean, Karen harnessed the healing powers these powerful mediums can provide to create this impactful program. Karen has used soul care to help clients restore their creativity, express themselves and guide them through challenging times, so they can express themselves authentically in both personal and business settings. Karen leads Soul Care sessions for individuals and groups, helping people reconnect, reinvigorate and grow.

Soul Care takes users on a personal journey of self-reflection, self-love, healing and creativity – giving them the tools to grow and expand on this experience every day in their life.

Painting Your Soul has been recently featured in:

“Soul Care is more than a kit or creative arts kit.”

“It’s a movement. We find ourselves in a unique and unprecedented time in human history where there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty, personal collective, and global.”

“SOUL CARE can help navigate these waters in a way that honors the soul and can help people who are looking for alternative ways of meeting their needs through self-care. It offers an opportunity to connect by disconnecting.”

Karen Hanlon

Experience the Creative Transformation Only Soul Care™ Can Provide.